Brasserie Blanc

Brasserie Blanc
Brasserie Blanc
  • The Problem

    The high-end restaurant chain Brasserie Blanc discovered the wood flooring in their Bath restaurant had lifted from the floor due to excessive moisture underneath it. The main issue for this was that in order to rectify this the potential closure time for the restaurant would be 2-3 weeks, which would be a very costly exercise.
    The Problem
  • The Solution

    In order to rectify the problem Erith Flooring Ltd took up the entire wooden floor and used an epoxy resin to seal the floor. We then stuck the new flooring to the epoxy resin in order to bring the floor back to life. Due to our extensive experience in this field we were able to bring the drying time down from 2-3 weeks to 3 days.
    The Solution
  • The Results

    Ou approach meant that we not only solved the raised flooring issue but also ensured that there was minimum disruption to the schedule of the restaurant ensuring there was a minimum impact to profit.

    The Results